Everyday Natural Lipsticks

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Having an all natural lipstick color is always hard to find especially when you don’t want to have one that makes you look blotchy or not for your skin tone. I love a good natural pink lipstick or lip gloss one that’s natural to your own lip color and one that’s matte but not too drying. I love these 3 colors from BECCA Cosmetics, Colourpop Cosmetics,  Gerard Cosmetics, & MakeupGeek  The colors are :

  • Mocha – Becca Cosmetics
  • Dozy – Colourpop Cosmetics 
  • Wild Berry Tart – Gerard Cosmetics 
  • Quickstep – Makeup Geek


Everyday Natural Lipsticks

Some of the pigments are super glossy and creamy.  As for the makeup geek lipstick it’s very drying and dries very matte which im not a huge fan of. It makes my lips feel patchy. my favorites are the Gerard Cosmetics. They have so many amazing products for a good price and they are well worth it. You can find these products here.

Makeup Geek (discontinued)

Colourpop Cosmetics  (comes in a set)

Becca Cosmetics

here are some swatches of the lipsticks…


lip swatches

I really love the mocha lipstick from Becca Cosmetics. I’m not one to wear lipstick often but this one really won me over its creamy, applies on nicely and has great color payoff. The Colourpop and Makeupgeek lip stains are great options for a date night or night out.


Are lipsticks your thing? Do you wear them often ? have you tried any of these ?


Let me know your thoughts…

Thank you for reading!!

Formula 10.0.6 – Combination Favorites For the Shower

Hello Lovelies,

I have another wonderful skincare/beauty product I want to share with you all its Formula 10.0.6.

My skin has been loving Formula 10.0.6. For someone who’s never tried any of there skincare products, I’m really amazed at how my skin has been reacting to the products I’ve been using. My skin is a combination so getting it to not be so oily or dry can be frustrating. Especially when it’s hot out my skin tends to break out more and get super oily in my t-zone area and dry around my nose, legs, forehead, and arms.

The Scrub Me Down Exfoliating Body Scrub (Rasberry + Ginger ) gives me everything my skin needs to stay clean and fresh. It’s also a big plus when the exfoliator has a gentle pumice like texture to get rid of dead skin, buildup and dirt leaving you smelling clean, hydrated and smooth. I really love the gentleness of the scrub it’s not harsh on your gentle areas of your body and helps nourish your skin even the sensitive areas. I love using this with a loofah or wash cloth for an extra clean feeling.

Now for the Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser ( Passionfruit + Green Tea) is something my skin needed! I’m not one to use a gel-like cleanser only because I feel like it doesn’t thoroughly clean my face. I tend to break out a lot or get very bad clogged pores and this actually helped my skin feel clean and de-clogged. This helps balance my skins natural oils without overworking my skin or making it super dry or patchy.

Overall I really am enjoying all of these products and they are making my skin clear and clean. I haven’t had any reactions or breakouts with these two and my skin is very sensitive to perfumed scented items. I really want to try more of there skincare products in the hope this brand will continue to amaze me with the tropical-like scents they have.

Have you tried this brand? What are your thoughts??

Skincare Treats With #BombiBox

Hello loves,

Today’s post is all about skincare and BombiBox has all my skincare favorites in this exclusive box I was sent to review. My skin has been so bad lately and using these prouducts will pamper my skin back to its beautiful state.

They sent me:

An DoubleDare headwrap

Klavuu Lip Sleeping pack

2 It’s skin Face Masks

Black-head Nose pack (5)

Some By Mi Miracle Cleansing Bar

I’ve always been in love with Korean style beauty products. I believe their skincare regimen is amazing and that’s what makes their skin look so beautiful and clean.

First thing I tried out was the miracle bar. It feels so good on the skin. The Father isn’t too foamy or harsh on sensitive skin. I love the way it smells. Kind of like a herbal fresh scent. It cleans off nicely and leaves your skin feeling soft and really helps tone down acne.

I then used the Charcoal Nose Strip from Tosowoong. I advise you before applying this to have your pores opened up with some hot steam or hot water it’ll go get more blackheads stuck to the strip. Also wetting it with hot water helps it cling to your nose easier. It left this one for 10-15 minutes until it was hard and then peeled it off. It did take off a good amount of dry skin and some of my pores were unclogged.

Next, I used its skin sheet mask. The avocado one was calling my name so I had to try it out. it felt so refreshing on the skin especially cold. The avocado gel that’s in it helps replenish the skin, moisturize, help with inflammation and acne.

After you take it off rub some of the gel left over for continuous effects on the skin and you’ll love the cool feeling. this is my skin after the gel was set into my skin.

Next up was the Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water. I used a cotton pad to swipe across my skin leaving it nice and hydrated.

The Klavuu Lip Seeping Mask is super hydrating and leaves your lips super plump and moisturized. I really love that it’s clear and can be used as regular lip gloss for the night as well. Your lips feel so refreshed with no dry cracks or peeling in the morning. I really enjoyed this bombibox and all the contents in it.

Thank you Bombibox for sending me these beautiful Korean beauty box! Definitely check them out if your into Korean products! You won’t be disappointed 🙌🏼

So what’s a Guasha ? Royal Jade Review*

So many of you may have seen me post on my Instagram some pictures with a jade roller and a guasha. Well using a guasha is something new to me and I’ll tell you some tips and tricks for using one and what it can do for your skin.

So what is a Guasha?

It is said to believe using a Guasha is an alternative medical therapy done by using a tool to scrape your skin. Doing so can help the circulation of your skin and improve texture. This can be used With facial oil and scrap in a downward motion.Using a Guasha can reduce inflammation in your body that causes chronic pain. Medicals Specialist have said It can also break down scar tissue. I think this tool can do so much for someone dealing with skin problems.

I have been loving this at night with my oils. For the morning skincare routine, I would put this in the fridge let it get cold and use it on my morning skin to wake it up. It feels so refreshing and makes my skin feel less tired and dull.

My favorite oils to use with the guasha and jade roller are my cold pressed oils like the M61 Hydra-boost 2.0 Serum and the Re: beauty balance pure face oil. My suggestion would be to apply some directly to the skin and using the guashe on the highest point of your cheekbones. For the jade roller I love to use it with moisturizing cream or after using a sheet mask to apply the additional gel onto my skin.

As you can see in the pictures above the jade roller is also a quartz stone just like the guasha. These two combined make such great skincare tools. I absolutely love these products and feel like every skincare lover must have them, plus they’re so affordable and come in such a cute package. If your interested in purchasing these products or checking them out on Instagram click the link! This set only costs $19.99 on Amazon.

So what do you think about this guasha? Is it something you’d use?

Hope you liked this post ❤️

Marielli, x

5 ways to pamepr yourself at home – Mom Edition

Sometimes being a mom means taking care of everyone else’s needs, wants and desires and sometimes we don’t get time to just sit back relax and enjoy having some little bit of me time for once. so on this blog post, I’ll be sharing five ways to enjoy yourself not just as a mom but as a person as well.


Sometimes relaxing on the couch sitting down in a quiet place or even just laying down and breathing for once can make you feel relaxed, without actually having to do anything. this is another way to pamper yourself without actually having to pamper yourself.


If you’re like me and you love drinking tea this is another way to pamper yourself. Just having a nice hot drink, reading a good book or even just sitting down and writing your thoughts out can feel so pampering at times.


Reading a good book or magazine is another way to pamper yourself and take your mind off of things. I for one love reading non-fictional books or harror books. It makes me feel like I’m in the story and I can get more in depth and in tune with myself. I love being able to get caught up in a book and forget my troubles.


This has to be one of my favorite ways to pamper myself by lighting up some candles, putting in your favorite bath bomb or bubbles in the tub and being able just to sit there relax and soak in all the beautiful scents.


A great way to pamper yourself also is to maybe invite your best friend over, your favorite cousin or your neighbor have some coffee, and relax and get to chitchat with your favorite person. Relieving stress doesn’t always have to be by yourself. being able to speak to somebody about what you’re going through or may be how your days going or you’re week can also be really relieving and gets stuff off your mind.

Botanicals Beauty |My thoughts and First Impressions on their Rosehip/Calendula Face Mask

Hello loves,

Today’s post is all about an all natural company who is changing the way we use face masks. I’m not talking about sheet masks or cream textured face masks I’m talking about an all DIY kind of face mask one where you actually make it yourself to your own liking.

This rose hip and calendula face mask comes in a 2oz package and is a powder formula. It Makes about 8-10 masks and works great on sensitive skin. This has Vitamin C, helps brighten and moisturize your skin. All you need is a small bowl a none metal spoon and some water to mix it all up! It super easy to use and great as a travel essential. It definitely is a different kind of texture for me but something that feels good on the skin when washed away. It will leave your skin with a reddish tint with is described in the package. But it can be washed away with some toner or micellar water.

I used a little more then what’s stated to get a thicker texture. Once mixed I applied it and left it on my skin until it was dry but not hard.

I love to use multiple masks to give my skin some extra TLC and focus on my acne and enlarged pores. Since my skin is always more patchy and dull on my forehead I used the rosehip mask to brighten that area and the charcoal mask to get rid of any nasty blackheads or dirt on my skin.

My skin felt so smooth as soon as I took off my masks. I loved the way it washed away any dry skin and made my skin look fresh and clean. My pores look like they have shrunk and I definitely notice some brightness in my complexion. If you love a good face mask I definitely recommend this one from Botanicals Beauty! It cost only $10 and comes in a 1oz. or 2oz. Package.

Also if you sign up for their email subscription you can save 15% on your first order.

If you like posts like this please let me know down below! Till next time loves💕

Xo, Marielli

**This Product was sent for reviewing purposes as always my thoughts and opinions are my own**

My Favorite Neutral Profusion Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Beauties,

Today I have some amazing palettes I want to talk about. Profusion Eyeshadow Palettes that is, this company has been making extraordinary makeup and recently they came out with some awesome Eyeshadow and matte lipstick sets that I’m in love with. Although I haven’t Purchased any of there new collection I do have many of there recent palettes that’d I love to show you all. As time has passed these past few months my collection from this company has grown tremendously.

Two of my favorite palettes for fall and everyday looks are the Siennas and Naturals Palettes. These palettes have amazing pigmentation, very blendable and there under $20.

I did create a look using this palette that I love, its super simple and good for everyday wear.

I also used the New Huda beauty palette for the shimmer in the middle of my lid and my Mac Liquid lipgloss (I forgot the name) I love the texture and the variety of colors in this palette. You can go from day to night with these colors.

Do you looks like this look or more of a detailed post? Let me know in the comments below.

Marielli, Xo

Being a stay at home Mom isnt easy.. But its a blessing

Hey loves,

Today I’m talking about being a stay at home mom why I’m a stay at home mom? and what made me want to be a stay at home mom? before I had kids I had a job where I worked maybe 10 to 12 hours a day and yeah I loved it and yeah I had money coming in. It helped to have a second income with my husband and to prep for a family that we wanted in the future. It made things easier. But honestly, I hated working for a company that made me feel like a slave for a lousy paycheck and not feel appreciated. I hated feeling like I was just getting by with my check. Paying bills and paying rent is the adult thing to do right!? I just felt like if in going to be working somewhere to make an income It better be somewhere I love and am passionate about.

When I first found out I was pregnant with my first daughter Sophia, I was thrilled, excited and nervous. I was going to be a mom!! But at the same time, I knew what this meant. I had to either quit my job or get a baby sitter to watch my newborn while I and my husband worked. I worked through my whole pregnancy literally a few weeks until I was full term. I did have an emergency C-section and my daughter was born. I then returned to work in hopes to help my husband with the bills, food and now baby essentials. That didn’t work out as I planned. Because I breastfed my daughter and because this is what I exclusively wanted for her it became harder to be at work when all she wanted was mommy. She didn’t care for the bottle, not with my husband or anyone. Breastfeeding was what she nurtured for and I as her mom felt so guilty being at work and not being with her. I wanted to be that mom that was able to have a child, work and make an income for the family as well. Things don’t always turn in your favor so I had to do what’s best for me, my daughter and my husband sanity. He felt helpless. She was so used to being with me that she didn’t want him.

After that super long week of work, I decided to put my two weeks in and resign. It was so hard to let go of my job but me and my husband spoke and it was the best thing I could do for my baby. She needed me and I needed to take care of her. I didn’t want to be one of ”those” moms that only cared to work and never be with there baby because of it. Now don’t get me wrong being a Fulltime mom and working isn’t a bad thing. I give it those the moms who are capable of doing that but it wasn’t for me. I wanted to be the mom that was there for every minute of my baby’s life. I didn’t want to miss her first anything. It made me fall in love with my husband more. He was willing to work 10x harder for our family because I left my job. This could have been the best thing we decided to do as a family. It made me cherish being a mom even more because I was the one being there for everything my baby needed.

What I’m trying to say is basically cherish the moments you have with your kids being a stay at home mom. not everyone is capable of doing that and because I am I cherish it and yes it gets very hard being able to stay home with your child do everything for your home and take care of your family at once but you know what you only have one family and if you’re only able to have your child at home with you without being taken care of by someone else then do what you have to and make sacrifices for your family to be there for your children.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you like this post, comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Marielli, Xo